How to work the room • Networking DVD
Written and Presented by Rob Brown
Learn THE Guru's Networking Tips, Tricks and Secrets at your own pace in this masterclass bootcamp!

Are you ready to Network?

Over the years Rob Brown has advised many corporate clients on the skills, tricks and tips to make their Business and Social Networking more productive.

This service can obviously be expensive when delivered in person but now you've got the next best thing in this 13 chapter DVD where Rob will take you from complete novice to expert Business Networker - in under an hour!

Filmed in a professional film studio with numerous actors playing the parts of fellow networkers, Rob takes you through a Networking Boot Camp. The DVD can be played again and again as you improve your Networking Skills.

In the current climate there has never been a greater need to make your business connections count - make them work - and make them profitable.

Now it's easy to make sure your networking skills are razor sharp!

Rob says - "you never get a second chance at a first impression" - and among his many secrets he will show you how to make your first impressions count...

In this DVD you will learn all the Networking Secrets, like;

How to steer the conversation so that you are in control - but importantly those speaking to you will feel THEY are the centre of attention. How to prepare you for business networking events and opportunities.

Rob will show you how to (and how not to) make your entrance and to get your fellow "Networkers" virtually eating out of your hand.

It will give you the inside knowledge that will enable you to spot those in the room who will be more amenable to your approach and those who will be a waste or drain on your time. It also shows you how to ditch anyone falling into this category without causing offence.

This DVD course is structured to give you maximum return in minimum time.

Customisation for Networking Groups!

The DVD can be customised by arrangement, perhaps to feature a welcome video from your CEO or Networking Group, your own company branding and packaging with logos on packaging and within the video. Or perhaps to include an interactive quiz with personalised questions or to include other training material - both video and computer based data files, programs or web links. Please ask if any of this would be of interest.

If you wish to discuss any aspect of this product and how it could assist your company, please use the contact form or call our technical team FREE on 0800 612 8996 and we will be pleased to assist.


This Advanced Interactive DVD is compatible with virtually all
PC/laptop DVD drives and stand-alone DVD players.

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About the author and presenter:

Rob Brown is a world leading authority on networking and business relationships.

He is author of over 50 publications, including the bestseller How to Build Your Reputation.

Rob is Head of the Global Networking Council, featuring the world’s greatest networking thinkers, authors and experts. He hosts the online Networking Giants Radio Show with the world’s top gurus on many different topics.

Rob is now one of the UK’s most recommended professionals on Linkedin, and the most recommended networking guru on Linkedin in the world!